Year-end Tips for Your Business
First: Have a Wonderful Holiday Season
With the year winding down, it’s time for companies to start preparing for the new year to come. In the midst of the holiday season it’s easy to get distracted with gifts, parties, travel plans and vacations. However, the year end is a great time to take steps to improve your business’ chances of success.

Here are some year-end tips for your business to help make the New Year a prosperous one:

Review and Reflect - Taking stock of your business now will provide you with a good opportunity to improve your chances of prosperity next year. Do a post-mortem of your year. Write out a list of your company’s accomplishments and areas in which expectations were not met.  Which problem areas need refining? Are your procedures and systems efficient, or can they be improved? Would you benefit from adding new hires?

Set Goals for Next Year - Set specific, challenging but achievable goals for your business this year. Set a bar for you and your team to aim for, one that while realistic is still ambitious. Then, create strategies to help your team reach these goals.

Reach Out to your Best Customers – Contact your best customers and thank them for their business over the...
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Toshiba’s Latest Color Multifunction Product Line Earns Buyers Laboratory’s “Highly Recommended” Honor
Recently Introduced e-STUDIO6570C Series Recognized by Leading Industry Analytical Firm for its Exceptional Reliability, Image Quality and Security Features
After scoring exceptionally well within 18 distinct categories during Buyers Laboratory LLC's (BLI) extensive and rigorous testing cycle recently, Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.'s e-STUDIO5560C/6560C/6570C series of multifunction products (MFPs) received the organization's "Highly Recommended" recognition. BLI technicians submitting Toshiba's latest color MFPs through its two-month, quarter million-impression test were particularly ...
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Strategically Manage Your Information with a Document Automation Solution
How can document automation solutions benefit your business? Improve Production Time – Document automation significantly reduces the amount of time for a new document to move from design into production. Automating document creation processes eliminates previously time-consuming steps such as document handling, loading, distributing, filing, and management. Reduce Production Costs – Automating document-intensive processes by converting ...
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Are Your Passwords Strong Enough?
Modern technology has made many aspects of life more convenient. However, as with anything else, along with the pros there are inevitably cons. With so much of our lives conducted online, hackers and ne'er-do-wells are waging a non-stop war in attempt to gain access to our personal information. Strong passwords are your first line of defense against troublemakers. Strong passwords include: • At least eight characters • Both uppercase and ...
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February 2020
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Toshiba B-452 Series
With the B-452 series, Toshiba provides a label printing solution which can eliminate setup costs, such as those for artwork, and reduces stock control and production costs by removing the need for pre-printed labels. Features:   • Thermal Transfer & Direct Thermal printing • 300 dpi (11.8 dots/mm) • 4" print width • 4" per second print speed • Small footprint ...
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FP PostBase 65
Mailing for the 21st Century
For a completely automated mailroom, the FP PostBase 65 is the logical choice. This robust system comes standard with a fully-automatic feeder/sealer, 15 lb scale, ReportOne software, and 50 accounts for maximizing your productivity.  • SPEED: 65 pieces per minute • Max. Thickness: Up to 10 mm • Scale: 15 lb. Integrated • External Scale: Optional 30 lb/70 lb • Accounts: 50 (Optional Up to 200) • Customizeable ...
e-STUDIO6570C Series
Unmatched technology and precisely matched color.
The e-STUDIO6570C series boasts speeds up to 65 pages per minute, showcasing vibrant, accurate color, as well as speeds up to 75 pages-per-minute for precise black and white output. In addition, the latest generation e-BRIDGE platform provides impressive connectivity, manageability, and solutions readiness.

In addition to high-quality color, the e-STUDIO6570C series offers Gigabit connectivity, standard network scanning and printing, as well as optional dual-line, high-volume Super Group 3 faxing.

• Copy, Print, Scan, Fax
• 65 PPM Color
• 75 PPM B&W
• Net-Ready Next Generation e-Bridge Architecture
• Med/Large Workgroup
• Secure MFP
• EPEAT Registered*

For more information, check out the brochure.
*e-STUDIO6560c/6570c only
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