Is Your Office Protected by a BYOD Strategy?
BOS Managed Services has the Strategy
The proliferation of smartphones and tablets has spilled over into offices around the world. Many employees are bringing their own mobile devices to work and using them for business purposes.
BYOD (bring your own device) has become commonplace because of the flexibility it provides, allowing people the freedom to work wherever they are, whenever they want, and from whatever device they choose. 
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Toshiba Wins BLI’s Summer 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award for Energy Efficiency
Recognizing the energy efficiency of Toshiba America Business Solutions, Inc.'s e-STUDIO407CS multifunction product, Buyers Laboratory LLC, (BLI) has presented the Irvine, California company with its Summer 2014 "Outstanding Achievement" Award for energy efficiency. The leading managed print services (MPS) provider and business content management innovator's color A4 device earned this distinction after its exceptional overall performance ...
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Is Your Office In Need of an Attitude Adjustment?
A poor environment can be bad for a business, as it can make it impossible to hire or keep good people. No one wants to join a company where they’ll spend 40+ hours a week being miserable. They’ll opt for a job that pays the same, maybe even less, if they think they’ll be happier there. And being happier doesn’t necessarily come from more pay or better benefits; it’s a result of working in a non-toxic environment. Improving the culture of ...
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Benefits of Buying Local
Unlike the manufacturer giants that make, and in some cases sell their copiers, multifunction and other office products directly to consumers, your local community dealer won't try to impress customers with their size. Instead, they will typically bend over backwards to provide first-rate customer service. After all, they have a personal interest in ensuring fast turnaround and excellent service—their livelihood depends on it. But that’s ...
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FP PostBase 30
Invoices lost in E Mail? Get a PostBase 30.
Perfect for a first time user and multiple operators. Along with its easy-to-use design, the FP PostBase 30 features the quietest operation in its class, contributing to a quiet workplace environment that promotes productivity.  FP @ BOSBIZ • SPEED: 30 pieces per minute • Max. Thickness: Up to 10 mm • Scale: 5 lb. Integrated, Optional 10 lb/15 lb • External Scale: Optional 30 lb/70 lb • Accounts: 5 (Optional Up to 200) ...
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FP PostBase 65
Mailing for the 21st Century
For a completely automated mailroom, the FP PostBase 65 is the logical choice. This robust system comes standard with a fully-automatic feeder/sealer, 15 lb scale, ReportOne software, and 50 accounts for maximizing your productivity.  • SPEED: 65 pieces per minute • Max. Thickness: Up to 10 mm • Scale: 15 lb. Integrated • External Scale: Optional 30 lb/70 lb • Accounts: 50 (Optional Up to 200) • Customizeable ...
Environmentally sound. Technologically advanced.
The e-STUDIO306LP is a revolutionary design in Toshiba’s award-winning MFP lineup. It’s the first MFP of its kind to incorporate a unique, erasable toner enabling the output to be erased and reused multiple times. By reducing paper consumption, you help reduce solid waste streams and air and water pollutants. This all-in-one MFP will help your small to medium workgroup save money and the environment.

Toshiba's new MFP enables organizations to set an example for their employees while asserting their ecological leadership. By reusing the same sheet as many as five times, users dramatically minimize paper usage while lessening CO2 emissions by up to 57 percent, as validated by the British Standards Institute, a global national standards organization.

• Black & White MFP
• Up to 30 PPM  
• Small/Med Workgroup   
• Copy, Print, Scan, Fax   
• Secure MFP  
• Fully Erasable Toner   
• EPEAT Registered

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